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As most of the population live in villages, that is why Bannu derives its cultural traditions from these villages.

A few decades earlier, there  used to be only one mosque in every village. All the people of that village would pray there. That reflected a sense of unity. However, now a days there are many mosques in every village. Almost all the large families have constructed a separate mosque for themselves. Disputes and clashes are the main reason behind this.

A Village also has a “Choke” or “Hujra” Choke is considered to be the central place of a village. It is the place where people of village gather  and exchange their views about certain issues. People use to gather in Choke for a mere pastime .Choke is considered to be the property of all the people of village. “Hujra” normally consists of a room or two. Guests are stayed in “Hujras”.

Pardha System there is a strict purdha system in bannu. “Purdha” is a tradition of keeping adult women hidden from the eyes of those men who are not family members of those women.

Generally, women here, do not leave their homes, to go to markets, but those who go out to markets for shopping etc wear special veils called “burqa”. Burqa is used in many areas of subcontinent, especially in N.W.F.P and Afghanistan. Bannu is one of those areas where “Shuttle-cock “Burqa” is used.


Marriage ceremony is also full of customs and traditions. Generally no huge dowry is given to the bride by the parents. Barat from the house of groom goes to the house of bride. Barat party brings bride to groom's house. Here the ceremony of “Nikah” takes place. On the next day a banquet is offered by the groom to his relatives and friends.

There is a special tradition which is found nowhere except Bannu. This tradition is called “Zarreen”. Zareen means “Youth”. Because all the friends and relatives of groom who are young aged take part in it. “Zarreen” ceremony takes place in “Chowk Bazaar” (the most famous and important place of Bannu city). Here the young fellows dance to the tunes of “Shehnai” and “dhol” (drums and flute). The groom offers them sweets while the zareen garland him. Tourists often are most interested in these traditions and want to experience them. There is not much western entertainment in our area, but visitors can always use the internet to play their favorite casino slots or poker games. They can do that on Plays-the-Cards and get promotion bonus codes. The truth is, there is a long list of websites where tourists, as well as locals can enjoy playing different casino games. Not surprisingly at all, the most visited ones are websites that offer the best free online casino games, as they don't require investing real money, while offering the opportunity to win some by using various types of bonuses. Click over here to learn more about this matter. Now let's talk about Eids.

Eid There are two Eids in Islam. One is Eid-ul-fitr and the other is Eid-ul Azha. Eid-ul-Fitr is the most entertaining event in Bannu. After 30 days of Ramazan (month of fasting) the event of Eid-ul-Fitr takes place. The last day of fasting that is the day before Eid is called “Shashpeay” which is called “Chand Raat” in Urdu. On Shashpeay a display of fire-works take place. Eid is celebrated for three days. On the the three days of Eid and Shashpeay people from all over the near by villages come to Bannu. Also,a lot number of people from neighboring Waziristan and Domel areas visit the city. Chowk Bazar is used to be the center of all this hustle and bustle. People enjoy this event very much and wait for it all year long. The roads are so much overcrowde with people on Eid days that not only large vehicles but also a cycle can hardly find a way through these crowded roads. New dresses and shoes are prepared for Eid. Young men of Wazir tribes are in strange but pleasant get up on Eid days. They add to the colour of this event. People enjoy this event and wait for it all year long.

Hospitality More than 90% of the population is pushtoon and as all of us know that pushtoons are famous for their great sense of hospitality. The people in Bannu are pleased to have guests.. They entertain them with great spirit. They believe in the fact that a guest is a blessing  from Allah, The people of Bannu respect their friends very much even they sacrifice themselves for them.

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Special Thanks for Prof:Samsher Ali Khan and Jahangir Khan Sikandri for history Information

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