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Edwardes was a British officer. He came to Bannu in 1847. He came here to help Sikhs conquer Bannu. Although Sikhs already conquered Bannu, Still they were not able to have a firm control of this city. Several times the people of Bannu revolted against Sikh rule. The actual rulers of Sikhs were fed up of  the revolts and rebellions in Bannu. They were struggling to find a permanent solution of all that. Edwardes came to their help. He thoroughly observed the situation here in Bannu. He came to know that here actual power resided with  (malaks) landlords. Each landlord had a fort of his own. There were several such forts, and all these forts were making it difficult to conquer Bannu. So Edwardes decided to get rid of them. He ordered the malaks of Bannu to demolish these forts. Unwillingly the malaks did the same. Now, the whole Bannu was at the disposale of Edwardes and his army. By destroying their forts, Edwardes had clipped the wings of the people of Bannu.

He then built a large fort in the cantt area of Bannu. This was named “Fort Dilip Singh”. In the battle of 1849, British forces defeated Sikhs. The British including Bannu occupied all the territories of Sikhs.

Edwardes founded the present city of Bannu.The first name of bannu city was Dilip Garh. He regularized the tax and revenue system. Before this city was founded, the main business and social center of Bannu was

“Bazar Ahmad Khan” Thus the new fort and city ended the central status of Bazar Ahmad Khan.

Edwardes wrote a diary, during his stay in Bannu. In this diary he has written about certain events and their dates, which help a student of history very much to know about Bannu of that time.


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Special Thanks for Prof:Samsher Ali Khan and Jahangir Khan Sikandri for history Information

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