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Origin of the name “Bannu”There is a misunderstanding about the name “Bannu” . It is said that one of the wife of Shah Farid the ancestor of the people of Bannu was named “Bano” that’s why the place was given the name “Bannu”. This is a silly and humorous logic.There are many proofs that the above mentioned reasons for the name “Bannu” are  wrong.

Some fifteen hundred years ago, a Chinese tourist writer “Heon Sang” has called it Banna. Also some thirteen Hundred years ago a Muslim historian “Al-Bilazari” has mentioned the name Banna or Bannu . Both these two historians have lived many hundred years before Farid Shah.

Secondly pushtoon culture never permits people to make public the name of their women.  They rather keep it secret from other people. Then how it can be possible that they would have chosen a name of a woman for their city.

Origin of people of Bannu At first Bannu was predominantly dwelled by Hindus. However after the advent of Islam, through the efforts of Muslim saints and conquerors most of the population converted to Islam. Many Afghan tribes were also settled here. Two major tribes named “Hanni” and “Mangal” settled here in Bannu. It is said that these two tribes settled here in twelfth or thirteenth century A.D. These two tribes were then kicked out of Bannu by a new invader named “Shah Farid Shithek”Then Shah Farid and his tribe got settled in Bannu . Most of the population of Bannu we see now a days are the descendents of Shah farid Shthak`s tribe.

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Special Thanks for Prof:Samsher Ali Khan and Jahangir Khan Sikandri for history Information

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