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People of Bannu never accepted servitude. They had always struggled for freedom. Against the British rule, too,The people of Bannu strived to win their freedom. After world war one, Khilafat Movement started in India. The People of Bannu welcomed the movement. Moiz-ullah, Mohd Jan Abbasi, Moh Akbar Khan, Khan Malang and many more were the prominent leaders of Khilafat Movement in Bannu. They migrated to Afghanistan, and came back after Mustapha- Kamal declared the independent Republic of Turkey.

In 1930 the incident of Speen Tangi took place. British army opened fire on a protest rally in Speen Tangi and killed several people at the spot. The mastermind of this massacre, Capt-Ash Croft also lost his life.

A Hindu woman Ram Kori embraced Islam. She was the resident of Jhando Khel. Then she married a resident of the same village named Amir Noor Ali Shah. All that happened angered Hindus. They registered a case against her conversion. They put forth the plea that the girl had not acquired adult hood. Court gave decision in favor of  Hindus. Noor Ali Shah and his newly converted wife tried to escape but were captured by police. To avert the public anger, govt gave the woman to Malak Ghulam Haider Khan of Bazar Ahmad Khan. Ram kori changed her name to Islam Bibi.

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Ghulam Haider Khan was pressurized to give Islam Bibi back to Hindus. After that no one was certain of “what happened to Islam Bibi?” Some say that she was killed. Some say she was taken to  Amritsar where she was made “Shuddhi” (Converted back to Hinduism). After that amir ali shah left Bannu and no one knows what happened to him.

This incident gave rise to extreme public anger in Bannu. Mirza Ali Khan who belonged to Turi-Khel tribe of wazirs. Rebelled against British rule. Hundreds of mujahideen from Bannu, Waziristan joined him. Apart from wazirs and massively helped Mirza Ali Khan. Several Clashes took place between mujahideen and British army. British army suffered great losses at the hand of mujahideen. The struggle of Mirza Ali Khan continued, until 1947, when lndo-Pakistan got independence from British.

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Special Thanks for Prof:Samsher Ali Khan and Jahangir Khan Sikandri for history Information

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